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We have the chance to have our jerseys and skirts made in an Italian production workshop. Its expertise is irreplaceable and assures us a garment of unmatched quality that you will appreciate when wearing our products. Our sponges are made of bamboo viscose which also comes from Italy. They are made with the utmost care in Tunisia. A Chinese factory designs our ballerinas and sneakers in Neoprene.

Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified®.

Laboratory tests on CARDO Paris caps guarantee a maximum level of water ingeping in the Spray Test!

Certified ISO 4920 Standard


Attention to detail

We select fabrics from the best French and Italian manufacturers to create elegant and quality swimwear that accompanies you during your training sessions as well as by the sea, at the Spa or why not … in town under your favorite jeans.

We are constantly looking for improvement in our products as well as our packaging. We want to contribute to the preservation of our planet by selecting as much as possible containers that have the least impact.

CARDO Paris swimsuits combine comfort, technicality and elegance. We design in France and manufacture in Italy. The fabrics are selected from the best French and Italian manufactures. Resistant to chlorine and salt water,the materials are also sculpting. Designed to achieve comfort, flexibility and performance.

Flattering shapes for an always flawless outfit.

For a few years now we don’t see anyone running with a casual jog or going to his yoga class with his old pajama bottoms: we want technical and fashion clothes (even if we don’t do sports!): the athleisure was born and is unnoticed able in all brands. I designed my swimsuits so that women would enjoy training in pretty outfits, so that they would look and style even at the pool, a place that was sorely lacking. I wanted to provoke a reaction that I often hear:

“These jerseys make me want to go back
to the pool! »


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