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The history of CARDO Paris by Emmanuelle Cardosi its creator

I like to swim and do water aerobics, I spent a lot of time soaking in pools like a tea bag in her cup and I could see that in the space of a few years ready-to-wear brands have developed their own lines of swimwear from H&M to Hermès, almost all of them have their range of swimwear.

When I was (more) young I had long and thick hair and I pestered at each session of having to put on the silicone or latex caps that pulled my hair and tears! I wondered when and who of Marc Jacobs or Jean-Paul Gaultier would seize this cap to finally make it desirable

Emmanuelle CARDOSI creator of CARDO Paris swimsuits sport pool beach outfits elegant sheathing sculptants

Swim cap Mia turquoise CARDO Paris swimming pool waterproof swimsuit nice elegant comfortable French


The idea of the cap

I was ahead of a water aerobics class and I watched an acolyte do her lap telling me that with her silicone cap and her glasses she really didn't look great!

I decided to remedy this injustice by creating a bathing cap that would become a must and that one day we would no longer ask "You have your cap? but "Do you have your CARDO?" ", as the Americans do with their Speedo jersey! I wanted it in fabric, one piece and at least water-proof.

It took me three years of R&D, all my savings and a great dose of unconsciousness to embark on the adventure of creating a product that seems so "simple" when it is a real concentrate of technique.

I presented my idea to the incuubator of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Textiles in Lille. I pitched in front of a jury that believed in my project and financed its development. So I had a mold developed dedicated to this cap,I then selected and tested fabrics in which we added a little magic to be able to train them …


My career

After an atypical professional career (graduate of Oriental Languages) she took a first job for the French government in Beijing at the time when the Mao costume was still de rigueur, then became Manager of Internal Communication of Euro Disney (1989-1992). She will take over the marketing and communication management of the Harcourt studio and Alexandre de Paris Accessoires.

Emmanuelle Cardosi wears the designer's costume and creates CARDO Paris by launching its range of bathing caps. She joined Innotex in 2011 (incubator of ENSAIT) then continued with HEC Entrepreneurs in 2013.

From seamless swim caps to stylish pool swimsuits

There is a well-known saying:

"You are never better served than by yourself." This is what the creator of CARDO Paris has done by creating her own brand of pool caps, swimsuits and accessories for swimming and water sports.

Emmanuelle, creator of CARDO Paris, is a long-time aqua-gymnast. His worst nightmare a few years ago? The bathing cap. Who, by the way, has never feared this silicone half-sphere that suits no one, tears the hair out, and compresses the skull?

It is from this observation that CARDO Paris was born in 2012. For three years, Emmanuelle has developed a seamless fabric bath cap,the aptly named CARDO. As elegant as it was comfortable,she wanted it mixed and sober.

The success was immediate and many customers encouraged him to create swimsuits and pool accessories in the same spirit of simplicity. This is how a range of swimsuits for women and well-thought-out accessories was born to accompany swimmers concerned about their silhouettes and who do not want to compromise either on the comfort of the cuts, on the technicality of the materials, or on their elegance.

Swimwear CARDODIVE navy blue ganse white CARDO Paris swimming pool swimwear nice elegant french comfortable

Swimwear CARDODIVE yellow CARDO Paris pool swimwear nice elegant french comfortable

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